Best Tankless Water Heater Reviews (25 Analyzed Only 10 Selected)


Tankless water heater reviews are gradually gaining popularity. Hope this won’t put an end to the making of tank system water heaters. If this eventually happens that’s not a problem because people are finding tankless heaters to be more reliable in hot water provision and also energy efficient.

Tankless water heater reviews

One good side of a tankless unit is the capacity to supply hot water on demand continuously without you running out of water unlike tank unit that’s opposite. More so, water heaters without tanks heats water on demand. This means you only get the volume of water you need at a time. As such, no wasting of water which therefore leads to a minimal energy consumption.

Tankless heaters comes in different types such as the ones that uses electricity, natural gas and also propane gas. This however makes you choose accordingly to the energy source you want to use to power your water heater. From market findings, many tends to prefer the units that uses natural gas compared to electric tankless water heaters.

Top of it all, tankless hot water heaters exist in two form such as indoor and outdoor model. Indoor models are installed inside the house while outdoors model are mounted outside the homes. This gives you more choice to decide on which one is best for you.

Our advised, if you lack space inside your house, we suggest you pick an outdoor model but if you have enough space then picking a tankless indoor heater maybe wise.

However, to help you further we’ve selected 20 tankless water heaters with review to keep you informed on the best tankless water heater for homes. From the lists, here are the ones that made it up to the comparison table for quick decision making.

Best Tankless Water Heater Comparsion Table (Updated 2019)

Brand Summary Check Price
Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series Natural GasRinnai RUC98iNIdeal for both residential and commercial purpose. High BTU’s for faster heating and warranty up to 5 years plus. View Price
Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NGTakagi T-KJr2 Indoor From all indication and users reviews, this is a perfect pick for residential and small apartments. Its cost efficient and possible to install by oneself but expert is advisable View Price
Rinnai RL94eN Tankless Water 9.4 Gallons Per MinuteRinnai RL94eN GasFrom 9.4 gallon per minutes can supply five plumbing features simultaneously. Quick installation; either your self-connection or professionally. View Price
Tankless water heater reviewsEcosmart ECO 24 Electric Slim design and lifetime Ecosmart warranty is not just offer but mark of confidence on unit. Top of it affordable and cut down of energy. View Price
Stiebel Eltron 29 Plus TempraStiebel Eltron 29 PlusSteibel 29 plus maintains constant output temperature, conserve energy and sleek design for homes without space. Easy to set temperature and accurate temp. View Price
Rheem 240V 2 Heating ChambersRheem 240V ResidentialPerfect for a family size of three persons. Provides 4.5 GPM and supplys up to 3 applications simultaneously. Compact design and silent operation View Price
Ecosmart ECO 36 36kwEcosmart ECO 36 TanklessEnergy saver, continuous flow and perfect for multiple homes feature use. Like this unit also because of its lifetime warranty on residential use. Easy to maintain and durable heating elements. View Price
Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPMRinnai V65IN 6.6 GPMBy and large, Rinnai as gas powered device saves more energy expenditure, require little space, and ideal for mobile homes. View Price
Rinnai V65IP 6.6 GPMRinnai V65IN Tankless Uses natural gas with flow rate of 6 gallon per minutes. BTU’s rating from 10,300 – 150,000. Qualify for residential and mobile home use. View Price

The 10 Best Tankless Hot Water Heater Reviews

Just to remind us again, 25 units from different brands were researched and finally, our team of writers distinguish these 10 remaining ones in the list as the best tankless. Interview were carried out on some where possible while others customer reviews was the criteria. However, with or drafted scale of judgment, we did ours as regard the needful before publishing out the ones you are about to see.

1. Rinnai RUC98iN Natural Gas

This might just be the best tankless water heater available for a whole house. It has been manufactured featuring a condensing technology that makes it deliver more efficiency many tankless water heaters can’t afford. This further put Rinnai ultra-series ahead of the competition as it uses low gas fuel thereby saving you a greater deal on energy cost. One of the greatest benefits, it can be used for both residential and commercial environments. For the residential uses, the temperature ranges from 98 degrees to 140 degrees F while commercial use temperature ranges from 98 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (F). However, in order to use it for commercial purpose, you need to purchase a Commercial Controller. This is sold separately. The unit heating power or BTU starts from 15,200 degree up to 1999,000. With the BTU range, more hot water is delivered per hour compare to tankless units with lower British Thelma Units.  Another outstanding features, it comes with Electronic Ignition that meets Texas and California emission requirement. The Rinnia heater featured 10 x 18.5 x 26 dimension, a size which is perfect for homes with small space. In addition only weighs 80 pounds which is not a heavy load to carry, although you won’t be carrying it after installation and so, weight is not something to worry about.

  • Deliver more efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Great warranty deal
  • Easy to install by DIY or Professional.
  • A bit costly
  • For indoor use
  • Commercial controller sold separately.

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2. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Heater Natural Gas

While the previous tankless heater is powered by propane gas, this one however uses natural gas which is cheaper. Whichever model you decide to pick among the compared instant water heaters, nothing to lose as both tankless water heater still saves bulk on energy than electricity models. Nevertheless, the Takagi brand hot water heater is designed for indoors. This simply mean, you need to locate a convenient place in your house to install it. It only measures 6.7 height, 13.8 width and 20.3 dimension in inches, so you shouldn’t be worry if it’s going to take more space. The size rightly fit into small spaces making it ideal for homes with tight spaces. The lightweight design of 38 pounds out weight that of the Rinnai that weighing up to 80 pounds. This unit featured a BTU range of 19,500 to 140, 000 heating capacity, 6.6 gallon per minutes flow rates and -0.82 energy factor. Thus you get faster heating power, sufficient amount of hot water in one minute while utilizing a minimum gas level. Most relevantly, environmental friendly and safe to use, no emissions. However, this natural gas water heating device is majorly for household.

  • Portable size unit
  • It’s very cheap
  • Not for big family size
  • Not for commercial water heating.
  • You might end up losing warranty on DIY installation if done incorrectly.

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3. Rinnai RL94eN Tankless Water 9.4 Gallons Per Minute

From findings, countless of users comments converge to its easy installation and use. Also supply water when on demand, therefore Rinnai RL94eN is another top winner of the best tankless water heaters reviewed on this page.

We understands that this tankless model needs to be place right inside your house and so, shouldn’t be installed outside the home. Although, there is an outdoor version which is available here for those who may need it.

This heater is designed for commercial and residential hot water demand, thanks to its 9.4 GPM tank that enable Rinnai RL94eN to supply plenty of water. However, there is a major concerned. You’ll need to purchase the Commercial Controller separately if you intend using it for commercial purpose.

Most hot water tankless heaters are manually controlled but the good news, Rinnai RL94eN can be controlled via a digital controller. With this features seamlessly operate your device without much hassle unlike competitive units. Also capable of supplying more water efficiently. You can conveniently turn up to 5 point of use at once.

  • For large homes
  • DIY installation
  • Small and lightweight
  • Energy sufficient
  • Heating of water takes a few minutes to get heated.
  • Risks of losing warranty if DIY affects the unit.

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4. Ecosmart ECO 24 240-Volt Electric Tankless Heater

I strongly recommend this tankless hot water heater for those living in the northern and southern states of US. Also for Canadian residents where temperature can be as low as 38 degree. Therefore Ecosmart is one right solution to heat your cold water when you need it the most during the cold month especially winter days.

More also, if you have the Jaccuzi or large Roman-style of tubs, generally known for high water consumption, then settling down for Ecosmart is the end to lack of hot water during bathing and other home activities.

Many reviews analyzed attest to the facts that this tankless water heater supplies water to more than 3 features at a time without shortage of water or temperature reduction. This is not a surprise at all, because Ecosmart can heat up to 3 gallons of water per minutes while maintaining its actual temperature.

Furthermore, allows users to increase temperature by 1 degree in order to raise heating level to a desired degree. This operation is done via the digital temperature controller.

Although, people think gas tankless water heater saves more energy compared to electric heaters, well that’s wrong in this context. Ecosmart is known for energy saving up to 60%. This further mean, you can save up to 0.6 percent energy every minute of using up to 3GPM.

Even though you want to hot water doesn’t mean you should get your home stuck up with bulky heaters. As for the case of Ecomsmart tankless system, it comes slim, and portable and perfect for tight homes. It only measures 17 x 17 x 3.8 inches with a weight of 11 pounds. Among the tankless water heater reviews so far, this product win the smallest dimension and low weight award.

  • Inexpensive
  • Low watts usage
  • Portable and not heavy
  • Back up with forever warranty
  • Designed to use only electricity
  • Required indoor installation

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5. Stiebel Eltron 29 Plus Tempra Tankless

It is possible to visit local stores or hit search engines looking for the best tankless water heater. But it might not be easy figuring out a tankless heater such as the Stiebel Eltron that can save for you up to 0.99 energy factor. Sure if you do in-depth research you can find one but with a self-modulated technology incorporated into Eltron 29 Plus, it will be hard to see even if you discover a unit of its type that is rated .99 energy factor.

More so, this water heater tankless has won fame for itself. Not because the number of times it has be bought or the amazing reviews by users but its features gave the mark. Starting, this unit was manufactured in Germany by a Top giant brand Steilbel.  This company is into making of general home appliance and their product are top rated worldwide.

However, this tankless heater system is specifically for whole house need. So if you’re at war with hot water challenge in meeting the whole family needs particularly in the coldest months, here is the announcement of the best whole house tankles water heater by Steibel Eltron. Not only will it provides enough water but also keeps the temperature constant while supplying water to showers, faucet and other plumbing simultaneously.

Top of the notch, Stiebel 29 Plus Tempra water heater step out of the competition with LED display you won’t find in rival units. With the LED display features, users can view current temperature and also energy reading. Making Eltron yours, you’ll able to check and monitor the amount of energy used up. This can help make a better decision on water heating bills.

  • Silent operation
  • For whole house hot water demand
  • You can’t run out of water
  • Energy saving via automatic regulation
  • Not heavy at all just weighing one pounds
  • View settings and unit operation via digital display
  • Expert installation cost unless you do-it-yourself (but you need to be familiar with electric wiring)

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6. Rheem 240V RTEX-18 Residential Tankless Water

Even though you can’t afford expensive tankless water heaters doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lookout for affordable ones such as the likes of Rheem RTEX. This tankless water heater price is under $400 and yet powerful to supply water for a home made up of 3 persons. Also deliver heated water to 4 point of use at a time. A verified users on amazon said was able to power her kitchen sink, dishwasher, laundry sink and her bathroom tub. This is worth the price for small residential homes even some big price units fail this test.

This unit is self-modulated and also let you regulate power to heat water faster. In addition, equipped with 2 copper element that ensures water is heated faster because copper is a good conductor of electricity. However, no more waiting for water to be heated, get it anytime by choosing Reheem residential tankless heater.

Most tankless heater requires professional connection which require extra cost to install but this is not so with this product. Only few steps installation procedure require such as attaching the 3/5 NPT to your plumbing supply. No hassle at all, so if you are DIY kind of person, you can save up to $100 installing your water heater yourself.

  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Silent operation
  • Long lasting heating copper
  • For small apartment
  • Not for commercial purpose

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7. Ecosmart ECO 36 36kw 240V Electric Water Heater

Before structuring this tankless water heater reviews, we discovered in the course of interviewing, people have issues with bigger size tankless heater as they occupy more space and sometimes heavy for diy installation. Nevertheless, Ecosmart ECO 36 is one of the smallest tankless unit we saw which is 90% smaller to most tankless water heaters on the market. It measures 17 x 19 x 3.8 inches with net weight of 18.35 pounds. Now you see what we are talking about, compared to units that are of x2 sizes weighing up to 80 pounds, that’s load for any modern homes.

The unbeatable point, Eco 36 has the capacity to serve hot water to large family. Multiple applications can be run simultaneously. For instance, you can turn on showers and 2 sinks at once without running out of hot water. Many tankless heaters of its price may not have the efficiency to supply to more than one plumbing features, thanks to Ecosmart Company that gave this box at a price worth nothing compared to the functionality.

You will never find tankless water heaters that claims not to be energy saving.  In reality, not all unit saves energy as acclaimed by the manufacturer. But here we boldly voiced out that, our best ecosmart electric tankless heater saves an average energy of 50%.

In addition, this electric heater has .03 GPM activation flow rate (which is the starting frequency). It however boast of an output of 6 gallons per minute. The result you get from this unit is endless hot water.

Also featured a durable, easy to replaced copper and stainless components. Although, it has a self-regulated water heating technology, there is also a digital temperature controls that allow you increase temperate by 1 degree.

  • Space saving
  • Supply multiple applications
  • A lifetime warranty for household use.
  • Durable parts and easy to maintain.
  • Up to 50 percent savings on bills per minute
  • Not for commercial purpose unless your need is not too demanding
  • This strictly designed to be powered by public power supply (electricity)

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8. Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Gallon Compact Electric Hot Water Heater

After a thorough search on best none tankless water heaters for under sink installation, we unveil Reliance 6 6 SOMS as the best choice that comply with consumer’s needs. Another thing we discovered, it can be installed in crawl space section of the house, making it a secondary option for those looking for a tankless heaters for crawl spaces. However, in our deep analyses, this home hot water provider is UL listed. UL is a body that takes appliances to lab for testing ensuring that they’re safe for use and for this products to be endorsed by them, it shows Reliance 6 6 SOMS is one best gallon tank water heater people should look out for.

This tank heater water appearance is different from the rest of the unit discussed. It is the only cylindrical shape unit on the reviewed list making it ideal for underneath sink installation. More so, features a glass lined tank which prevents corrosion. In addition, for quick installing, the inlet and outlet connection is located at the side which make the process easier for a do it yourself kind of person.

For the installation, just attached your plumbing features to the inlet/outlet, nothing more required. As an electric device, require 120 maximum of voltage while the copper element is rated 1650 watts. Top of the purchased, happily enjoy six years of warranty that’s hard to see in loud noise Companies products.

  • Very cheap
  • Easy connection
  • Great for tight spaces
  • Ideal for crawlspace and under counter

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9. Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM Indoor Low NOx Tankless Heater

If you made it up to this point, congratulation! Many would have just given up half or even stop right there in the comparison chart but nevertheless, patient people gets it right with life. However, I won’t be disappointing you introducing you to another wonderful tankless heater of this Rinna V65IN model.

Not only had me that likes this hot water tankless system, couple of reviewers on amazon worded the same likeness. The bottom line, after gathering lots of user’s opinion, some said this unit is by far energy saver that has help them pay lesser bills than before. This is actually true because it an ENERGY Star qualified unit with energy factor of .82 for propane and natural gas.

Best of it all, apart from the conventional homes, also certified for use in mobile homes. One unique aspect of this water heater, it has a leak detection functions which turns the unit off whenever leakage is detected in order to prevent property damage including the unit. Top of it all, equipped with temperature locks to prevents accidentals and unauthorized persons to changing of preset water temperature. That’s really amazing, with the lock, you can be the author of the temperature your heater runs with.

To summed up this tankless reviews, its indoor unit and quick installation. Some buyers claims they installed it themselves. This can be achieved following YouTube video but if you can’t simply hire expert’s installation.

  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Diy connection is possible
  • Authorized temperature change lock option
  • I tried as much as hard to figure out the door side but all the reviews were just positive then price might just be the little nip in the bud.
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10. Rinnai V65IP Indoor Low NOx Tankless Propane Water Heater

If you have decided to go tankless, then this last but not the least tankless hot water on demand heater is right to meets your unending hot water desire. This unit is has a maximum BTU rate of 150,000 with a maximum water flowing supply rate of 6.5 GPM. Among the hot water reviews tankless heaters, this fall into the class with higher British Thelma Unit (BTU) and so you’ll get water heated faster.

More so, its six gallon per minute’s delivery capacity is sufficient for up to three home plumbing fixtures. The energy factor level is similar to that of the Rinnai V65IN 6.6 GPM model, therefore both falls into the same class of saving gas. In addition, comes portable and lightweight, perfects for household of limited spaces. More so, the NOx emissions rate meets California and Texas standards.

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Require regular maintenance of you’re to use hard water.

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